1. […] Not-so-nice people use cross site scripting (XSS) to do not-so-nice things to Web sites. Attackers inject malicious client side code or content within a Web site to take over the site or get to information they should not have.XSS prevention is very important in Web development and Adobe Experience Manager has tools to safeguard your site. Sightly, by design, incorporates XSS prevention. Adobe also has provided an API that will help prevent many common forms of XSS when used. Shamal Roy has provided a quick tutorial on how to use this API in Java and JSP.  me.toString(): How to prevent Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack on your Adobe CQ based web application? […]

  2. Gaurav Sachdeva

    Hi, Thanks for the above knowledge, can you please help me in Implementing XSSFilter, I need to check for XSS vulnerabilities in AEM code, I found that its method boolean check(ProtectionContext context, String src), checks for any XSS infected code, however what will be its context ? It would be nice if you can share some example.

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